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Carpets: debunked


When it comes to choose some carpet for your house or flat you probably feel a bit bamboozled, not knowing where to look or what to go for. It is understandable considering the variety of what’s out there not to mention terms like Saxony, feltback etc. We get it, you’re lost! Well let us do the hard work for you and demystify it all.

When you’re looking for carpets, there are a few things to take into consideration like for example what type of room you are looking at. Indeed some carpets are better suited to certain rooms. You wouldn’t put a shaggy type carpet on your stairs for example. You get the picture!


Getting started


Ask yourself how much traffic your room gets. As mentioned earlier, a flight of stairs which is a relatively high traffic area will need a tight, dense low pile tuft (bunch of threads) carpet whereas in a bedroom, you could afford the luxury of a softer pile. 

The bigger the space is between the tufts the softer the pile is. This is also known as the carpet density.The carpet density is really important and should be a determining factor in your choice. If you look at the back of the carpet you will see clearly whether it is a densely packed carpet or not.

The rule is high traffic high pile density. Don’t forget it!


Let us run through the different pile fibres and types:


Pile Fibres

Wool - durable, resilient, flame retardant and resistant to dirt and crushing, made from sustainable fibre, good for reducing heat loss and noise


Wool mix -  mix of wool and man made fibres( Usually polypropylene), best combination for an all-purpose carpet

Polypropylene - man made carpet fibre, hardwearing and resistant to stains, bleach cleanable

Polyamide - also known as nylon, top mark for wearability, available in a wide choice of colours

Polyester - most wool like in appearance and feel, often used in textured or shag carpets, soft, durable, stain resistant


Pile Types

There are 2 types of pile, woven and tufted.



Axminster - fibres are woven in and out through the surface backing on an Axminster machine

Wilton - taking its name from the type of loom used weaving the yarn in a continuous strand



Twisted - made from a yarn that has been tightly twisted and set to form a pile with a slightly textured surface. Twist pile are available in plain and heather colours(combination of complementary coloured fibres to obtain a tonal effect)


berber/loop pile - made from uncut continuous loops on the surface and has a distinctive knot appearance, not a great choice if you have pets, particularly cats, as they may pull up the loops with their claws. An example can be found here.

Flatweave - good choice for stair runners, flatweave is created by interlocking warm (vertical) and weft (horizontal) threads

Saxony - deep-pile carpet, great for bedrooms, saxony carpets have a soft twist and the pile is often cut at an angle


Shag -  opulent, deep shagpile with long tufts, not for high traffic areas


Now we’ve explained what carpets are out there you can make an informed decision on what’s best for you. Remember you will need some underlay too but don’t panic we’ll go through all of that on our next post. Good luck!






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