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How To Clean Your Carpet



Carpet and Rug Cleaning                 

Spilling onto your carpet or rug can be a HUGE pain, we are very much aware of this here at Premier Flooring, so in order to help you combat this huge pain in the new year we’ve set up this post to ensure you have the best knowledge in cleaning your carpet.

We’ve all stained a carpet or rug, and we know how much hassle it really can be, but with these easy steps you should be able to ensure it stays squeaky clean.


Step 1 – Test out your product!

We can’t stress this step out enough! Testing out your carpet cleaner on a small, more hidden part of your carpet or rug will really benefit you. Some carpets or rugs don’t mix well with certain cleaning products and you don’t want to accidentally bleach a large part of your room.


Step 2 – Cleaning Time!

To ensure the stain removal product is as effective as possible, get a white cloth and gently pad the stained area. Removing as much of the stain as possible without the product is a MUST and will increase the success of the product.

After this, give your cleaning spray a quick shake, then spray evenly on a circular motion, but avoid over-dampening the area. Continue this process by working in towards the centre of the stain in a circular motion, and repeat if necessary, but again do not spray too much.

Avoid scrubbing/­padding too aggressively, you don’t want to damage your carpet or rug. If there are any excess threads or frayed parts to your carpet DO NOT pull them out, to ensure the quality of your product simply trim or cut them out with scissors carefully.


Step 3 – Completion!

Hopefully you have begun to see your stain subsiding, or at least improving.

Dampen out remainder of furniture panel with cleaner to avoid risk of water marking, allow to dry and if needed later repeat this whole process.



Things to Note!

- Carpet cleaners are not safe for consumption of any form, ensure you don’t get the product in your eyes or mouth and avoid inhaling.    
-  Use gloves whilst using your cleaning product if possible, specifically rubber gloves.      
-  If you have a pet, ensure they aren’t in the room, at least until the process has dried and then keep an eye on them until you can be sure the carpet is back to its normal state.


Strategies to avoid future stains and grime!

We all know that it can be difficult to avoid falling asleep with a glass of wine in front of the TV from time to time, but there are certainly measures you can take to ensure the quality of your carpets or rugs.

Eliminating the issue as soon as possible – The best way to deter a permanent stain is to act quickly. If a spillage or stain arises, quickly follow our previous process and you’ll have the best chance of ensuring your carpet or rug’s quality.

Debris – One of the main sources of carpet stains is unwanted debris coming in from shoes and or feet. Having entrance matting can be a huge factor in keeping your carpet healthy. Ensuring your pets have clean paws too can be really beneficial.

Vacuuming – A very obvious strategy, however, you cannot underestimate regular vacuuming of your rugs or carpets, especially with pet hairs. This will eliminate the build of debris in your product and again, help ensure the quality. We recommend using a vacuum attachment for your rugs, and possibly giving them a shake out.


What do we recommend?

Here at Premier Flooring we stand by Flair Rugs Stain Remover, we have been using this product for a good while and have always found it to be incredibly effective. It works on carpets, rugs, fabrics and soft furnishings, so it is sure to have a use somewhere around your home.


Looking for a new carpet or rug?

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