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NOTHING Is Going To Disturb My Lie-In....

Did you have a nice lie-in on Sunday morning? I hope it was better than mine! My rather inconsiderate neighbour decided to do a spot of mowing at 10 in the morning and, with his ancient petrol mower, I woke up thinking a helicopter was landing outside! NOT the best start to Sunday morning. Avoiding upsetting your neighbours (and struggling to carry out a very boring and tiring chore) is easy - make it fake!

Long gone are the days when there was any stigma about faking it to get the best look and most convenient results. From food to fashion, we are a society obsessed with the artificial and, if it saves you having to mow the lawn and ruin Sunday for everyone, then we certainly don’t see anything wrong with that!

Ok so if you’re not familiar with the new generation of artificial grass then you’re in for a happy surprise. If you’ve got AstroTurf in your mind then stop right there because the fake grass available from Premier Flooring and Furniture is about as close to AstroTurf as sliced white bread is to a freshly baked baguette from  a French boulangerie. Here are just some of the plus points…:

  • Speed and SImplicity - two of the modern human’s favourite things combined! There’s no mess, no fuss - a clear, visual step-by-step guide leads you through the short process

  • Is it Real? But is it REALLY real? - our artificial grass has fooled gardeners from a distance thanks to its lush, highly-naturalistic appearance

  • Manana mower! - say goodbye to the petrol or electric-guzzling heavy, cumbersome monster lurking in the garden shed. Your FlyMo just got it’s plane ticket. It’s not just the mowing either. No more weeding, strimming, clipping, edging or endless hosing to avoid the ugly brown dead patches. Keep it clean with a leaf blower or vacuum and save the hosepipe for routine cleaning every now and then. Don’t use bleach!

  • Keep on Walkin’ - use your artificial lawn as much as you like; it won’t get worn or damaged or lose any colour. UV resistant too!

  • Where do you Want it? - you can have it anywhere you like! Most of our product ends up as lawns but we have seen it used on balconies, in greenhouses and even to bring a touch or the outdoors to boats and cars

  • Stylistic Decisions - there are so many natural tones to choose from that you might get bewildered. Fear not as our expert advisors can always get you sorted out

Everyone likes the Green Green Grass of home but not on Sunday Morning! Forget being awake - you can be green, be fake! More info here -  start your journey now.

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