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The nest of tables: The furniture superhero

It’s quite an assumption I hear you say but let me explain why!


First let’s look back on the history of the nested table and how it all came about.

The nesting tables were first made in the late 18th Century by Thomas Sheraton, the English cabinetmaker. The first ones were made of satinwood or mahogany, later ones of papier-mache, Chinese-style lacquer and other types of finishes. Nesting tables were made in sets of three or four tables. They were designed to fit one under the other. This meant a group of tables would take the same space as one.

So it seems that they have survived the test of times although they went out of favour for a while.

But now they’re back with a vengeance!  Indeed they’ve never been trendier especially as most of us struggle with space inside our home. They come in a multitude of shape, material, colour making it child's play to find a set to suit your taste.


They epitomise versatility because of their multitude of uses. Space is at a premium as mentioned above so really you cannot go wrong with these babies!

They are used as extra storage for snacks and refreshments. They are also ideal for games such as cards, and are the perfect size for young children to sit at when drawing or colouring. In fact their graduating size makes them ideal for young families with growing children where the smaller table could even act as a stool.

But let’s not be fooled, the use of the nested tables is not exclusive to your lounge, and they shouldn’t necessarily act as a wallpaper flower. Make them centre stage! Create a focal point in a modern style room with bold nested tables like the one underneath!

 You can also use them as bedside tables to add a touch of sophistication to your “boudoir”! I could go on and no, you’ve guessed it the possibilities are endless and there are no rules! Find your style and be adventurous if that’s who you are or be traditional if that’s your realm of comfort.

At Premier Flooring & Furniture we think they’re ace and because we want to look after you, we have a wide range from the classic to the bolder, click here to see it all.


What about you, do you have a set of nested table? If you do we’d love to see where you put it and how you use it, please send us your pics!

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