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Transform your Bedroom for Summer '16 – FAST!

There is sunshine in the air and (if we ignore those pesky rainstorms!) that means that summer is on the way! Everyone seems to start waking up when the sun shows its face once again after the long winter and this means we start noticing our surroundings more. As the sunlight streams into your bedroom, adding an interesting touch to the aesthetics within, is it showing you what you want to see? If not, the perhaps NOW is the time to refresh, rejuvenate and rediscover your boudoir!

Waking up the fresh light of a summer morning is a pleasure that is hard to beat and you want the gorgeous glow to be illuminating an equally-fresh interior. You may find yourself waking up slightly earlier in the morning or perhaps there is still a little light as you go to bed - either way, this is a season when we want to spend just a little bit of extra time luxuriating in our bedrooms and making them as beautiful as possible is essential.

Premier Flooring and Furniture have an eclectic range of quality products that can instantly transform your most personal room, turning it into nothing less than a miniature palace of your own creation. Along with our choice collection of superlative rugs, carpets and floor coverings, we also provide access to a superior selection of bedroom sets, each with its own charm, appeal and style. Some of our favourites include:

Cannes Trio Set

Named after that exciting, playful and cosmopolitan French city, this bedroom set is reflective of fun and decadence in its unique design. Choose from an array of colour combinations to best suit your own personal vision as you decide whether to have a bedside table, wardrobe, chest of drawers or all three!

Polar Bedroom Set

Pure white, this is a set that can work in any space, matching seamlessly with the existing aesthetic. The smooth flatness and lack of colour means that the table, drawers and wardrobe that make up this set can absorb and reflect the tones and textures around it, changing its aspect as the light of the day progressively alters.

Sol Super Trio in Antique Pine

Firm, solid and reliable, this bedroom furniture set gives off an air of authority and, though of an imposing appearance, is softened by the deep, rich and evocative colouration. This is a luxury selection of furniture that is guaranteed to bring prestige and presence to your bedroom.

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