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Warmth, Comfort & Style — How To Get All Three

Though there is now a large and dizzying array of options when it comes to how you cover your floors, the carpet is still one of the best and therefore the most popular. Rustic stone or contemporary wooden floors definitely have their place but there is little to compare with that warm, fuzzy feeling you get on your feet when walking barefoot on a quality carpet! As you would expect from Premier Flooring, we have lots of designs and styles to choose from…

The Cavalier Carpet Collection is designed to offer something for every room, whatever your taste in style. Divided into an array of sub-sections, the collection offers the opportunity for a fun, pleasant and informative browse to find the style that is exactly right for you. Here we look at some of your favourites:


With an impressive colour palette of options, the Cartouche collection is one of the more diverse on offer here at Premier Flooring. Rolls can be purchased in widths of 4m or 5m and are available in every shade of the rainbow from cool Cornflower to the deepest Crimson. The animal-inspired designs, such as Antelope, Roebuck and Reindeer (Unicorn, too, though it isn’t strictly an animal!), are among the bestsellers on our discerning customers’ lists.


The distinctive visual delivered by the carpets in the Woolsack collection gives them an aesthetic appeal that makes them continually popular with people who have a flair for the artistic. As well as the eye-catching geometric design, these carpets also give an exciting and extremely-pleasant tactile sensation when touched. For a similar yet unique look and feel, check out our Fineweave carpets - prepare to be amazed!


Made from 80% wool, the Liberty collection is available in a massive range of 20 refined, elegant colours. They are designed to coolly complement any room in which they are placed, offering a pastel backdrop that will show off other colours and textures in the room to their optimal effect. Let the calming, cooling tones draw you in before they provide you with unmatched warmth and comfort that will last for years.

There are many more carpets available in our Cavalier range - check out the full collection here! Whatever style you choose, you can order with confidence from Premier Flooring that you will receive unrivalled quality combined with a fast, fluid and effective customer service experience.

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