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What Could SPOIL Such A Blissful Moment..?

There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting a new carpet or rug - you are literally overwhelmed with sensation and have to have a nice sit down and a cup of tea! As you browse through the Premier Flooring collection of rugs and carpets, allow yourself to imagine your favourite room with your favourite floor covering newly laid..

First your eyes get to appreciate the enhanced, enriched aesthetic of the room, which can be completely transformed. After that you step on to it wearing just your socks (you have already taken off your shoes at the door, we hope!), enjoying the sensation of fabrics against one another. Then comes that final, blissful moment of slipping out of your socks and letting your bare feet touch the material for the first time as you sit back and relax…

If we stop at this point in our story then all is well - but, we have heard many times before from our customers, sometimes that blissful moment doesn’t last very long at all. It seems that Murphy’s Law (as it is known in polite society) all too often applies and, after not spilling a drink on your old carpet for ten years, you manage to upend a bottle of wine or mug of coffee all over your brand new carpet on the very first day.

Let our story be a warning to you - make sure your Premier Flooring carpet is well protected from such emergencies! Our carpets and rugs are manufactured from materials of professional quality and so are extremely robust - if you do have a spill then don’t worry as a professional carpet cleaning service should be able to put things right again. Acting fast is the key - don't leave it to dry in.

We did some research and found out that the three most common carpet stains are:

  1. Tea & Coffee - yes, you guessed it. We love our coffee in the UK though tea is still the biggest brew with around 75m cups enjoyed every day

  2. Red Wine - we won’t tell you how many glasses of red wine are imbibed each day in the uk but (hic!) it’s safe to say that it’s quite a few. It isn’t certain either just how many of these end up on the carpet, particularly as the end of the bottle is approached. DON’T pour white wine on red wine stains - this myth will cause you to have to send someone out to the shop for more wine

  3. Grass - remember those stains on your P.E. kit? Get those on your carpet and it’s going to be more than Mum and her Trusty Washing Machine that’s needed to get them out again. The green, green grass of home? Not in my house, thanks!

We would love to see how you have transformed your home or workplace with our rugs and carpets. Send us an email with details and pics and you may end up featuring in these very news pages...

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