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What is the PERFECT Interior Design Colour for Summer?

One of the best things about the sunshine is the way it adds a new dimension to anything it falls on, making things that were unremarkable a moment ago seem like glittering, glowing treasures. This has a profound effect on our design choices and one of the very best ways to make a room look magnificent is to use white in the colour scheme. To make the most of this effect, we have created a very special new range of furniture…

“Wait!” We hear you cry, “white isn’t a colour!”. Well, you’re technically correct, because white is actually a combination of ALL the colours of the rainbow. This is why it looks so glorious when any type of light falls on it, as it takes on that light’s tone, warmth and effect - for this reason, white is an extremely versatile colour when it comes to interior design and will seamlessly blend with any aesthetic it is teamed with.

Carefully crafted from the finest, responsibly-sourced hardwood, the furniture from our Hampton collection oozes style and sophistication without compromising on simplicity. Each piece has been built with strict attention to detail and the whole collection can be selected from without any worry of clashing. Why not let a little white into your life, with one of these delightful items…?

  • Nest of Tables - three tables of decreasing size fit snugly together in this space-saving piece of occasional furniture. Simply slide in and out as required and you will never run out of surface space again - no matter who shows up for coffee!

  • Hidden Home Office - in the age of the internet, more and more people are now able to enjoy the luxury of working from home. Far from making an employee less productive, as is feared by many employees, the comfort of working at your own pace in familiar surroundings, without the hassle of the daily commute, actually IMPROVES productivity. Our Hidden Home Office lets you quickly transform a room into a dedicated working area, offering ample storage for your computer and all peripherals. Simply swing the doors shut and you have a modern unit that won't look out of place wherever you choose to work from

  • Filing Cabinet - looking more like a bedside table, this is another piece from the collection that would be ideal for those who do lots of their work from home

  • Three-Door Sideboard - an impressive piece, this will quickly become the conversation piece of a room and provides more storage than you could ever need


We are extremely proud of this collection here at Premier Flooring & Furniture and we invite you to browse the full range. Just click here to head straight for Hampton Heaven!

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