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What Underlay Do I need?

Choosing the right underlay can be tough, with all the different ranges, sizes and features it can become a little confusing. Fortunately for you, here at Premier Flooring we are passionate about underlay, and we have constructed a short guide to help you choose the right product.


What different types of underlay are there?

Underlay goes under your flooring, and there a few different types of underlay, these include:

Wood underlay – This isn’t as thick as carpet underlay as it is to go on top of wood, which is much more compact than carpet but this also provides extra comfort to your step and insulation.

Carpet Underlay – Again the purpose of this is to provide insulation, but also comfort as the user will feel the underlay under their feet as they walk.

Grass Underlay – This specific underlay is created for artificial grass, another product we expertise in. Grass Underlay not only provides an extra layer of comfort to your artificial grass, but also can conceal and bumps or imperfections your grass layer may have.


Other Underlays – There are a range of underlays which have prominent features for more specific fittings. These include underlays such as: Fire retardant, commercial & Underfloor Heating Compatibility. Underlays like these with special features can be found on our website.


TOG Rating

TOG rating in reference to underlay is how well it insulates, the higher the TOG rating, the more insulation that underlay will provide. However, if you have underfloor heating you will be looking at tog ratings of 2.5, as the Underfloor Heating Manufactures’’ association found it be optimal to not impair efficiency.


Sound Insulation

Sound insulation is quite simple in relation to underlays, it’s simply the higher the sound insulation level (Decibels), the more effective it as at sound cancelling.


What Underlays do we use?

We have two main suppliers for our underlays who we strand strongly by, these being 'Ball & Young' and Interfloor. Both offer underlays to any possible need you may have and these are visible on our website. Each of our listings provides in depth information in to the product to help you choose the right underlay.

Ball & Young offer their ultra-fresh antimicrobial technology on some of their ranges, which keeps underlay fresher for longer, and as hygienic as possible.

If you require any assistance in choosing an underlay, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01254 665554 or email us at:





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