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Would YOU sleep in this bed?!

Nothing quite says ‘kid’s bedroom’ like a bunk bed. There is something eternally fascinating to children about the idea of sleeping in the sailor’s fashion and, though the style hasn’t changed much since those ancient mariners spent seasick nights trying not to fall out as their ship rolled beneath them, the quality most certainly has! Check out THIS little beauty, me hearties!

This delightful piece of furniture is the Domino Bunk Bed which, with its all-white finish, will blend perfectly with the existing aesthetic of any room - no need for redecorating! With style, sparkle and pizazz, the Domino Bunk will instantly become to focus of attention in your child’s bedroom, offering not only a place to sleep but a thousand other imaginative possibilities - a spaceship tonight, a pirate ship in the morning!

Bunk beds were originally invented in order to cram the maximum number of sleeps into the minimum area of space. Though a standard size mattress can now be used, the idea of space-saving carries on and, with the Domino, there is an added extra benefit - as well as being able to fit two children where only one could fit before, there is handy shelving right along the back of each bunk, providing crucial extra storage that you won’t know how you ever lived without.

We will leave it to you to sort out the arguments about who gets to have the top bunk - we suggest a rota system! Whoever gets the coveted top bunk will find it easy to reach as the wide, comfortable ladder rungs are each illuminated with a green glow-in-the-dark strip for extra safety.

Please note that only Platinum and Premier mattresses can be used on the upper bunk in order to comply fully with Bunk Bed Safety Regulations. The Domino complies with all relevant health and safety guidelines but you should always make sure your child is aware of the danger of falling out, particularly if they get carried away and start to think they really are a pirate or astronaut!

Find out all the information you need to know about the Domino Bunk Bed by clicking here. Your children are guaranteed to adore their new bed and we reckon that you will be pretty impressed too. As with every single product sold by Premier Flooring, you can also count on 100% professional quality teamed with polite, informed and effective customer service to boot.

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